The boredom killing business


I strongly encourage my readers to watch this movie – Network (1976). imdb


2 Responses to “The boredom killing business”

  1. 1 Patricia

    This movie tried to send the public a message on the overall disintegration of society. The audience (within the film) found it all too depressing and stopped listening, but the real public paid attention, giving the film awards and accolades.
    Isn’t it ironic then, that 30 years later, reality television is everywhere we turn. The general public has proven that they will do practically anything for the possibility of money, and five minutes of fame.
    “Network” is almost prophecy, “Murders and Suicide on Channel 5” can’t be far off.
    Don’t we watch them on the news every night anyway?!

  2. Ktiir salbeh!

    I’ve watched the second one twice.

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