Are we back to ‘where we left off, Feb 13, 2005?


… back to the times of Lebanon before FPM Rafik Hariri’s assassination.

If history repeats itself, then, Lebanon had just reduced a “15 year war” in 1975 involving  our beloved Lebanon, then Palestinians entering Lebanon, Syria, then Israel, and at last each other… into a 4 year conflict span since 2005.

For the past three years, we have passed these consective seasons together:

Summer 2005: Lebanon vs Syria : Hariri’s death triggered Lebanese protest democratically for Syria to leave Lebanon and gain independance.

Summer 2006: Israel vs Lebanon : 33 days of war because Hezbollah captured 2 Israeli soldiers at the border. Israel extended the damage to bombing Lebanon’s infrastructure and the open crime of about 1300 civilians, from both sides of the border.

Winter 2007: Lebanon vs Fatah al-Islam: in Palestinian camps, a clump of well trained Arabs infiltrated Lebanon and started a war with the Lebanese National Army (many still wonder what exactly was their request).

Grand Finale Summer 2008: Lebanon vs Lebanon : Civil violence among Lebanese political factions, radiating sectarian confrontation, almost seemed like a 1988  Aoun – Geagea war. The clashes this time around where Sunni/Druze – Shiite.

If you answered yes to the initial question,or yet even a maybe, then we’re back to being in a new phase of Lebanon‘s history, this time without the Syrians military presence, and influence (hopefully). The new question arises, are we able to continue the progress where we left off in 2005?


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