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No other topic touches this circle more than the subject of Lebanese Expatriates and their role for Lebanon; For one, a great majority of our readers are expats; All inner circle writers are expatriates themselves, and this blog and its’ members have tried to shed light on almost every major Lebanese expatriate movement, whether from France, […]

 O Canada! To almost every Lebanese, knows a Lebanese-Canadian or expatriate living in Canada, and boy do good news come out of that friendly nation. Well, today the Honourable Diane Finley, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, announced that the Department is enhancing the services offered by its visa office in Beirut (Beyrouth), Lebanon. Effective immediately, permanent resident […]

A new fast-food eatery opened in Beyrouth’s southern suburbs (Dahyeh) named ‘Buns & Guns‘. The entrance welcomes you in neatly stacked sand bags. The inside is festooned with camouflage nets, defused mortar shells and live ammunition. Employees in military uniforms serve meals and the cooks wear military helmets. Customers enter the restaurant under a sign bearing the […]

The most prestigious francophone university in the Middle East, Beyrouths’ Université Saint Joseph will offer a four-year Bachelor of Law degree starting in September in Dubai. The college, to be known as the University of St Joseph Dubai College of Law, will offer a customised programme for Dubai, which will incorporate Sharia, French, Arabic and European law. Vice […]

Mechanical Engineering Assistant Professor at the American University of Beirut (AUB) Daniel Asmar and the team of Elie Maalouf, Amin Kanafani, Ahmed Hammoud, and Rawad el-Jurdi, took almost nine months of dedicated work to build the “Apollo’s Chariot,” the first Solar powered vehicle in the Arab World (not the Middle East, Israel is leaps ahead). The steel-and-fiberglass, […]

Confucius once said that… Goody goodies, are the thieves of virtue. I’d like to explain the wisdom behind this… When People fight wars… I trust them, if the reason in which they fight a war, is to steal other peoples properties, natural resources (and women), because they will fight a merciful war. They won’t destroy […]

No where in the Middle East is Christianity so openly celebrated. Yesterday, Lebanese President Michel Sleiman, Premier Fouad Seniora and Speaker of Parliament Nabih Berri attended the beatification ceremony of Father James (Jacques) Ghazir Haddad (1875-1954) in central Beyrouth. The Vatican beatified today the Lebanese Capuchin priest in a ceremony attended by tens of thousands in […]