Encore une fois… Fouad Seniora?


France 24, seldom being the first to scoop news on our beloved Lebanon, has stated that the Majority of March 14 have announced Seniora as their choice for Prime Minister.

Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose. Somehow, I (personally) think things will be slightly different this time around. Overall I prefer Seniora over young Hariri, for obvious reasons.


3 Responses to “Encore une fois… Fouad Seniora?”

  1. Libnanews was fast as well :) same time for the publishing but 1 min of delay for the email alert :)

  2. Saniora is not acceptable for the opposition,
    This candidature is to be considered
    1- as a possibility to go back to the crisis, le majority wants to have political gains from it.
    2- as a way to make saad hariri’s candidature more acceptable after saniora’s one retreat.

  3. 3 Elie Machaal

    yeah, me too. I think he needs more experience. Bass something needs to be clear, that Rafik Senior Hariri is one who really has left a mark on Lebanon, he has done wonders for our country.

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