Optimism in the air


by Linda Heard

Today, Lebanon is infused with optimism and hope. Stocks are soaring, the capital’s downtown area is once again open for business after being turned into a tent city for anti-government protesters, and the tourist industry has galvanized in preparation for the summer season.

The Lebanese are experts at bouncing back from adversity. It is almost as though there had never been a recent war with Israel or 18 months of political stalemate that had crippled the country’s economy. There is probably no other nation that could dust itself down and celebrate a new dawn with such alacrity.

I don’t wish to put a damper on the euphoria, but if there is to be a new dawn signaling a new era of peace and prosperity then it should be celebrated with the caveat “foreign powers keep out.” A new Lebanese government should not be seduced by sweet words of comfort from Washington or Iran when the only blood running on Lebanon’s streets is Lebanese.


One Response to “Optimism in the air”

  1. 1 Joyce

    Salut J,

    it’s singing all around here. Come early as you’re missing nice outings.

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