President Michel Sleiman Inaugural Speech


Nice to see him in a suit. President Michel Sleiman spoke of strengthening Lebanon’s constitutional institutions, minimizing incendiary political rhetoric, preserving the rights of diaspora Lebanese and pursuing constructive and balanced relations with Syria.

Parliament speaker Nabih Berri on the other hand, sneaked a message in Parliament to the United States, saying:”I thank the United States nonetheless, seeing that it seems to have been convinced that Lebanon is not the appropriate place for its New Middle East plan“. (hopefully neither is Iran nor Syria)


3 Responses to “President Michel Sleiman Inaugural Speech”

  1. 1 Joyce

    I don’t know why, but I like him, he seems honest. It’s a feeling.

  2. 2 Fadi

    I’m glad to see reference to Lebanese Expatriates!
    Whatever happened to the elctoral law where us, expats are able to vote from Canada, France, Australia, the US, Brazil and Africa for our Lebanese politicians, Just Like Other Democratic Nations? ein?

    Nonetheless, it’s a great leap forward.

  1. 1 Global Voices Online » Lebanon: Presidential Inaugural Address

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