Lebanon Reaches Agreement – All good news from this point


Y e e h a a !!

Across the internet, excellent news today. My first rss feed came from an odd title @ Blogging Beirut in our day. You all know what I’m talking about, our elected leaders finally came to an agreement in Qatar.

The Lebanese are used to their leaders — sectarian warlords, corrupt tycoons, and rebel clerics — creating more problems than solutions. So when almost all of the country’s top men boarded planes on Friday for negotiations in Qatar to end the country’s worst crisis since the end of the Lebanese civil war, there was joy in the land. “Agree, or Don’t Come Back!

Centre-Ville CleanupBut then news reached Lebanon on Tuesday morning that the talks had produced an agreement that may end the country’s 18-month-old political crisis. The Beirut stock market jumped, Solidere’s A shares rose to 31 dollars and its B shares were up 12.04 per cent to 28.01 dollars, and opposition leaders announced they would dismantle their protest campground in downtown Beirut that has clogged traffic, destroyed local businesses, and become the tattered symbol of Lebanon’s dysfunction.

It also calls for parliament to elect a consensus candidate, army chief Gen. Michel Suleiman, to the country’s presidency, which has been vacant for months.

The agreement doesn’t mean Lebanon is out of the woods. For real stability to take root, the foreign countries fighting for regional supremacy in the cold war for the Middle East will have to stop using Lebanon as a battlefield.

MP M. Raad: ‘probably the parties did not get each what they want, concessions were made for Lebanon.

Nabil De Freij: ‘We have reached the deal, it is time for us Lebanese to sit and listen to each other,’ ‘I can tell the Lebanese that the nightmare is over.

Marwan Hmadeh: There are no losers in this…Lebanon is the winner.

Bias news, stating Lebanon has fallen to Hezbollah hands, and that France, Lebanon’s historic benefactor, isn’t too happy with the results. Lies! [update: The agreement in Doha drew quick approval from Saudi Arabia and from France, whose President, Nicolas Sarkozy, called it “a great success for Lebanon.” Iran and Syria, Hezbollah’s supporters, also approved the deal, Reuters reported.]

Personally I feel, politically we have become stable for the next foreseeable future

Summer is Up! Beirut’s underground scene will be the center for nightlife once again.