Olmert willing to make Concessions towards Lebanon?


Radio France InternationalThese days haven’t been kind to the Israeli Prime minister with probes he’s being faced with. Out of all the news roaming on Lebanon scattered throughout the internet, I chose to post todays inquiry on an interview of Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert with Radio France International. The francophone station, of course, broadcasts in Lebanon on 96.2 MHz.

Political stability is not being respected by all the parties in Lebanon, and that is not in our benefit. We will be putting all our efforts into reaching an agreement with Lebanon sooner or later.

My personal opinion is, that it’s About Time! Lebanese are willing to have a fair peace agreement with Israel, and many from both sides of the border would be very happy about such talks as it would benefit both countries’ stability and peace, as we have both seen our viciousness when it comes to war.