Jumblatt looses Aley to the opposition


Jumblat Looses Aley to OppositionYesterday, Beyrouth fell to the Opposition, and then given back to the Army to restore the peace.

Today, several villages in the district of Aley, including Aaytat and Baysur, fell to the Druze opposition leader, Talal Arslan.

Walid Jumblatt, a member of the ruling coalition, and leader of the country’s Druze community, urged Talal Arslan, his political rival allied with the Hezbollah-led opposition, to place the affected regions under army rule.

Things deteriorated in the area af Aley in such a way that is threatening the coexistence with our brothers who are Shia. I agreed with [Nabih] Berri [the parliamentary speaker] to entrust Talal Arslan with seeking to put an end to all the fighting.”

I say to my supporters that civil peace, coexistence and ending the destruction [must] prevail over all the other considerations.” Jumblatt told local media, addressing his supporters and urging them to lay down their weapons.

I’m not sure if the government feels it’s loosing ground and support, but they’re certainly taking wise, and courageous decisions. Probably they feel the 2009 elections are coming up. Eithercase, I hope the Lebanese people will not forget what the Opposition and the Government made the people go through over the past 2 years.

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