The Lebanese Government backs down


Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Seniora    Well, as predicted, the government backed down on its decision of ruling out the removal of head chief of security at the International Airport, and gave the decision up to the Lebanese National Army to decide on Hezbollahs’ underground communications network, if it benefits the Lebanese people, and whether it truly secures the Lebanese resistance against Israel.

Someone had to back down. Hezbollah came out with the upper hand, though at what expense this blogger asks? 

Hezbollah has lost a lot of credibility due to the usage of its arms on its own people, something the Lebanese feared the most. Now it seems, their fear was not unfounded. A lot has to be said for the 2009 elections. I just hope the Lebanese will remember what happened these last 2 years when elections come around.

Hezbollah said it will remove it’s forces from Beyrouth, while giving the Lebanese National Army the task of being the caretaker and restoring peace in the area.

An air of defeat hung over the Sunni areas. “The Shia have won,” said one young man, in Tareeq Jedida area on the Sunni side of Corniche al-Mazra’a “They [the Sunnis] pay me $100 to fight, the Shia are fighting for their beliefs, and man, they have been fighting for 25 years, we can’t match them.