Ashamed of being Lebanese


Lebanese PassportPlease let me be frank and release some fumes through this post. Lebanon topped todays news in most western countries. Once again, the barbaric decadence of Lebanese shown on TV confuses most here in the west, as to whether they were Palestinians, Iraqis, Lebanese, or what have you.

The worst part of all this, is that Lebanese think they’re propped up to being better than their surroundings. For one, Lebanon is not not even on the map for most of the world; For me, today, Lebanon is mostly a bunch of low class, rubbish people that rule out any image the few intellectuals behind the scenes strive to propagate. Everybody forgot the purpose of todays demonstration, or whatever you want to call it, ten minutes into the show.

Every schmuck that was on TV today (except for the army) is garbage in my opinion, yes, garbage. A pest in our society. A puny third class impotent. Whether Sunni, Shiite, or even a Christian.

Tfeh… How ashamed I am to be Lebanese.