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Last year today this poster was trying to soothe Lebanese Society. Reads “100 days of tranquility”. (100, only?) Abstractions or reality is a funny, funny thing. A compelling thought as I stare at the soldier in the picture, who has changed roles so many times and remained ethical and balanced throughout the way. Tip of the hat […]

This ad campaign by the ministry of tourism, leaves room for expats and tourists to remind us of the light sides of Lebanon. [Transcript] Welcome aboard, the temperature is… how you want it. The target audience is more to an oriental taste. Behind the scenes, Beyrouth’s alleys are full of pubs often induce after-hours, raves granting thousands […]

The European Union Parliament is pressuring the Turkish Government to restore Saint Sophia Cathedral from a museum into a Greek Orthodox Church. However the Parliament has set a requirement of 1.000.000 signatures on a petition before it makes this conversation a prerequisite for Turkey’s admission into the European Union.   You are requested to cast […]

France 24, seldom being the first to scoop news on our beloved Lebanon, has stated that the Majority of March 14 have announced Seniora as their choice for Prime Minister. Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose. Somehow, I (personally) think things will be slightly different this time around. Overall I prefer Seniora over young […]

by Linda Heard Today, Lebanon is infused with optimism and hope. Stocks are soaring, the capital’s downtown area is once again open for business after being turned into a tent city for anti-government protesters, and the tourist industry has galvanized in preparation for the summer season. The Lebanese are experts at bouncing back from adversity. It […]

Nice to see him in a suit. President Michel Sleiman spoke of strengthening Lebanon’s constitutional institutions, minimizing incendiary political rhetoric, preserving the rights of diaspora Lebanese and pursuing constructive and balanced relations with Syria. Parliament speaker Nabih Berri on the other hand, sneaked a message in Parliament to the United States, saying:”I thank the United States nonetheless, […]

Hezbollah, one of the fastest growing political and armed movement in our times with successes of gaining vocal power in Lebanon just recently, has achieved another grand step forward in swapping Lebanese Durze Samir Kuntar and Nissim Nasser, Yehia Skaff, and Ali Farratan, a fisherman from Israeli jails, in return for the two Israeli army soldiers captured in 2006, reservists Ehud […]