Introducing the internet – part I


The internet came along way while Lebanon still lacks mainstream broadband (fast) internet.

Consider it your lucky day, cause the term RSS (Feed) will be a common word you’ll encounter. RSS is good. What it does is, it keeps you posted on all up to date news that interests you in a synchronous form without having to go to that site each time, relatively you can subscribe to any field or knowledge the internet has to offer of 4000 years of written history and knowledge.


The idea is to subscribe to many, and may result in your Daily News for all things you follow.

It can also lead to several tabs. To do this, you need to be an account holder at Google or have an RSS reader, google does it for me, since every Browser ought to have Google (or Yahoo!) as their home page. Google is a very common account you should hold.

Here’s a poem describing our times.