The Lebanese Y-Chromosome – Colorful Diversity in a World of Mono


Lebanese, race, heritage, genetics, leniage,Y-Chromosomes are that part of an individual’s DNA which reflects the male lineage, passed unchanged from father to son. As such, it compromises a significant part of any nation’s DNA. By analyzing the origin of Y Chromosomes, it becomes possible to determine the origin of the male side of a sample group. full study [published by Nature magazine 1.38 mb]

Pie Chart 14 – The Lebanese. Minority European, Majority Middle Eastern [Semites] and a significant proportion of sub-Saharan African.

Number 19, In Northern India, makes our diversity in Lebanon look lame.diversity

What we call Phoenicians is a “culture” of a people; And for modern day Lebanon, it is not an imported culture, it’s a culture made by it’s own people with its own time.

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