It is in Lebanon’s interest for this game to prolong.


No to Polluting News in LebanonThe American administration may well be on a turnover cycle, where all the ‘U.S.’ that has caused harm* and damage* to the Middle East in the era of George W. Bush is coming to an end, as He will take the burden of U.S. policies in his time.

* abstract words as to reality

But the U.S. is a new and different one

Falling for the tag line, America may well give an image of a reformed institution (and fair vis-a-vis to Israeli interests and its dominance on the region), which delineated from its not so uncommon era of wars the U.S. has launched out of its territory.

But this time around, Bush will be the one the fingers will point at.

Downright, here, in Lebanon, all this media crap going on inside Lebanon of this guy said this… this guy said that is all too stubborn which is by far worse than foolish to realize that all the inner dangling of our dwarfs in politics from either side are just reverbs from regional players – TV crap.

I used to see a graffiti under a bridge in Sofil, Ashrafieh. well, they put a banner for ads in front of it.

A banner out of all things, to sell some product. Such issues in my mind are more important that what our current politicians have been recently rattling on and on about. Blah!

Lebanon on the international scene has done its rule beautifully – We all demonstrated on March 8 and March 14 for the future and benefit of Lebanon. This achievement is granted to all of us as a nation. We showed the world for a full week of coverage we can be highly democratic, even more so than Israel, which holds its civic democratic title.

We were civil, and proved primarily to ourselves to be disciplined people, all under the eyes of the west. Proud of our identity, and especially of our diversity.

So, beware, there is an audience watching.

We, as a people, have done our part.

For those interested in listening to a Lecture on abstraction and what this blog has been repeatedly refering to – or means by – one of our Fools at the inner circle has created a little complimentary animation intro to an excellent explanation on abstraction.

For those who would like to podcast a better quality audio (not by much) just email me.

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