No intellectual mingling at the Paris book fair


Liban FranceThe fact that France is openly handing Israel the guest of Honor this year at the book fair in Paris, is somewhat of a blunt statement to the Islamic world honoring Israel’s 60th anniversary. Worse even, the Lebanese boycotting the fair is by far even stupider.

France said today that it regrets Lebanon’s decision from staying away this year from the book fair; Lebanon being one of the very few nations which has been seeing stronger francophone presence (source: France24), decided not to mingle with its’ metropolitan nation.

So, why would France make such a big deal of Israel’s 60’s anniversary? Or worse yet, why would Lebanon make such a big issue on France’s decision?

It may be reasonable to have Lebanon making a stand on not being present to mark Israels 60’s anniversary, due to the recent barbaric air raids Israel decided to carry in the summer of 2006, as the wounds are still very fresh.

It has become very common to boost an issue by banning or boycotting it.
I wonder who benefits? Certainly not the Lebanese.


3 Responses to “No intellectual mingling at the Paris book fair”

  1. It sure is silly to boycott such a cultural event, but then again many of us Lebanese were against Fairuz participating in a play in Damasacus (and I was one of them). I guess I have double standards when it comes to my two neighbors, I just realized that !

  2. 2 Elie Maachal

    yih… I can comment, I just noticed.

    Well I just want to say that Lebanon took a foolish decision in boycotting the book fair. Lebanon needs a presence in France especially in the academic fields.

  3. good things , the comments are back :p

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