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The frown on my face after reading the decision on banning the franco-iranian Persepolis animation which won the prix du jury ex-aequo at Cannes 2007. Lebanese officials say they’ve banned the movie, which is based on the autobiographical graphic novel by co-director Marjane Satrapi The Beirut Spring and Beirut Beltway were the first to take […]

Saviez-vous que Tony Fadell, créateur du iPod, est d’origine libanaise? Né en 1969, de parents libanais, diplômé de Michigan University, il reçoit un appel téléphonique de la part de Steve Jobs alors qu’il skiait dans les Rocheuses. “L’histoire de l’iPod a commencé début 2001, dans les montagnes Rocheuses. L’ingénieur Tony Fadell faisait du ski lorsqu’un […]

Lebanese Expats in Dubai, Moghtarebee Lubnan – In our efforts to launch our Dubai activates and hold our upcoming Lebanon Expats event in Dubai we are recruiting volunteers for the below positions. Be part of an international organization, gain experience and network while making a difference for Lebanon.   The positions that we do require are:

Y-Chromosomes are that part of an individual’s DNA which reflects the male lineage, passed unchanged from father to son. As such, it compromises a significant part of any nation’s DNA. By analyzing the origin of Y Chromosomes, it becomes possible to determine the origin of the male side of a sample group. full study [published […]

Al Masi7 Qaam!


Breaking News: Jesus of Nazareth was awaken from the dead today, 2008 years ago about two hours south of Beyrouth (Beirut). and thats not even news :o) Happy Easter. p.s. as usual my Lebanese muslim friends, were the first to wish me a happy easter. ironic. Of course, knowing my friend, I questioned him by […]

Due to the recent debate of removing Lebanon’s most important religious holidays (yes, more so than Christmas to Christians), Lebanon still has the privilege of blatantly honoring Good Friday as a Lebanese National Holiday. A very rare commodity for the Middle East, founder of the three main monotheistic religions.

Subject Abstractions. As you already know, and to most who’s never tried – Comments have been disabled again. Over a year of blogging, the time has come to share the knowledge and basic ideas that bounds this community. Having a constant stream of 240 ~ 280  readers/day and growing … I’d like to introduce yourselves, to […]