PM Seniora: “Israel is our only enemy”


Fouad SenioraPrior to my comment at Beirut to the Beltway, the Lebanese Daily Star, have stated that Seniora answered back in London, that “Israel is our only enemy”.

Seniora added Lebanon was seeking “good relations” with Syria and Iran. “However, relations must be based on mutual respect. It is not acceptable for Iran to view Lebanon as an arena for conflicts,” he said.  

The inner circle dedicates todays post to Prime Minister Fouad Seniora as ‘person of the day’. His clean, and just speech clearly delineates the absurd to very rude comments from politicians this past few months. Seniora also noted,

The Lebanese people should not be dragged to war again. We all saw what happened in the past and I believe nobody wants it to happen again,”