Strong words from Nasrallah


Whats with Jumblats’ devorce to Hezbollah and Federalism popping up?

Are We Lebanese Dividing ‘gracefully’ as two states?

briefly, One fighting Israel, and another continuing the progress of the last 15 years (?)

If I’m not mistaken, this is the first time in Lebanon’s history a politician asks to modify Lebanon into a federal system.
n.b. Switzerland, Canada, Austria, Germany, and Belgium are federal governments, and each of these nations have diversities.

Andre from Beirut to the Beltways has noted an interesting comment on Nasrallah’s speech:

so now lebanon is a NATURAL battleground?!
Does he mean thats Lebanon’s destiny????
SO all lebanese should either die for hassin or leave because when they refuse to die they become zionist and american traitors.
Where did mughnieh die remind pls … shebaa? oops nope…. damascus!