The demonstation was a success!! – Next,


Lebanon demonstrationI was astonished to see from all across the world on TV – my fellow Lebanese, all of them standing for a cause, or several.

There was a huge amount of people at the demonstration today as much as my screen was able to show me. Which demonstration? The one running on All Lebanese stations. All Lebanon was on the streets to make a claim today, on Saint Valentin day, which is a day for lovers to delight in courtship.

Nevertheless, the latest move from All Lebanese communities, to faced with each other for very important issues. One Lebanese protest was blaming Israel for the foregone conclusion, that it killed a highly ranked and respected Hezbollah member, Mughniyeh, in Syria. Another Lebanese protest was to restate to the Syrians, what they didn’t get the first time around.

Lebanon is an Independent, sovereign, nation – with its peoples and diversities, with it’s way of life, with its ideals and own choices. Lebanese Muslim & Christian way of living in the Mediterranean.

Today’s demo, demonstrates that,

yes, we might be able to live together. Great, moving on.

Today’s post was written by a Lebanese expatriate R S. living in Mexico. Photo courtesy of Jester.