Jumblat’s speech anatomy: Declares war?


My thoughts as the speech played: {watch the time}

0:10 – ‘yeaah I’m the man

0:22 – ?

0:39 – ? why would he mention that? m’kay.. .

0:49 – yes, I too would act if there is a problem facing me.

0:53 – we just had a fire a few months ago? [against who is he fighting? Nature? the trees? The opposition thinks burning wheels is the right way of gaining justice. – extremely pollutant]1:03 – very similar to what Hezbollah says (I’m glad we all understand the protection of each for diversity, true, very true, we all need the other to know who we are! If you are a regular reader of the inner circle you would have certainly grabbed this by now).

1:11 – {stopped listening}Who the hell are those idiots sitting in front of him cheering when he declares war? … As if they’ve been waiting for him to ‘just say it’. These should be taken to trial !!

– Walaw?

Tomorrow, other LEBANESE civilians die, and we NEVER set up courts to trial any suspects!

I too do not want any Syrian involvement in Lebanese politics – at all, neither would I want igniting a war with Syria, or Israel for that matter. I want to live without the reverence of a doubt that Lebanon is an independent country from its surroundings in any militaristic and dictatorship way.

We have three borders. I only care about the one – The sea & the mountains.

and he’s talking about rockets, suicide, patriotism and dying in the name of honor. pfff