Mr Jumblat is ready for war, and peace.


Mr. Walid Jumblat blasted out in a weak sign of anger claiming the following:

“You want disorder? It will be welcomed (?). You want war? It will be welcomed (?). We have no problem with weapons, no problem with missiles. We will take them from you. If the political vacuum continues, if arming and training continue, if the charge of treason and assassinations continue – and it seems that will be the case – we will all be dragged towards disorder,” – W. Jumblat

Excuse me?

You, Mr Jumblat, are welcoming disorder and You have no problem with war. Speak for yourself and your goons. While the rest of Lebanon and true Lebanese Druze will relax, take a deep breath and mock all you politicians with your unwit and villainous remarks. The in group is the Lebanese mass of decent hardworking people; The outgroup are you politicians, you are the minority!

Let history note down the statement of what this man said today!

You are the weak entity, and not the whole population. No amount of emotional campaigns, love for patriotism, will make the Lebanese people budge any more. We’re just waiting for your mess to stop. For your ‘political meetings and blah discussion over with’. We’re doing fine on our own. On the streets, we live daily errands normally. Everytime you disagree, some innocent bypasser dies by blowing up a certain targeted car.When will you ever shut up?

The Campaign for new faces in 2009 elections!