Iran rebuilds 400 projects in Lebanon


Summer war 2006 - Hezbollah IsraelI figure, despite reservation, the need to shed some light and praise on Iran’s reconstruction plans in Lebanon after the Summer war of 2006 with Israel.

Somehow, I feel, Iran has some responsibility in rebuilding what Israel has damaged during the war of 2006.

Two years after the war, Iran has completed 400 of the 600 projects it has taken the duty to rebuild including academic, religious and medical centers, bridges, rural infrastructure facilities, and power stations, 70 percent of which is already complete.

While many Arab, French and European countries have also pitched in, in helping Lebanon – The US of A has been a great help in sending us weapons and Humvees – which gives validity in fighting our enemies by the same means they use (weapons, instead of intellectual and economic means)

there are so many ways to wage wars.

Regardless, an official Iranian engineer has stated that Iran has also taken upon itself the task to reconstruct 375 kilometers of damaged highways and roads, 199 kilometers of which have been completed.

While this post may tend to favor the Opposition (or Hezbollah more specifically) – my intention is to state the facts and figures.