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Fellow bloggers at the Ouwet Front have run into some controversial trouble. Mark’s post states, he has received an email through a chap, by the direct authority of Dr. Samir Geagea, stating he should shut the Ouwet Front blog, and subscribe to the authority of a mono-centered website which feeds news. The dispute quickly spread […]

Khalass! will be attending the screening of “Khalass” movie by Burhan Alawiyya in Masrah al Madina on Wednesday January 9th, 2008 at 8pm. Join us for what is promised to be an interesting debate and discussion that will follow with the director, Alawiyya. The Khalass! team will not sit aside but will make us of […]

Happy New Year 2008!! Will we re-elect our MPs again in 2009? hah! If I get enough support, I’ll try to push an Anti-Campaign to demean all our elected MPs for blocking what the people that elected them, really want. Today, for the 12th time; the opposition and the majority have failed to agree on […]