A foreign party kills Ahmad Hamza Hamza, 21.


200812723222801-roundup.jpgAn unknown murderer, who’s been sweeping Lebanon since Feb 14, 2004; has struck again. I’d like to bundle all the killings and public murdering of a professional hit man (or group – no idea) will get in the way of Lebanese dividing and confronting the other. Reality is, the rascals are the minority people, and the citizens of Lebanon, are the far majority. This time a 21 year boy was the target, making a political statement. Not by economic strain, but mostly to collapse the government in which he views the Prime Minister Seniora heads.

I stay neutral on the situtation, as my standards of drawing the line, has completely different game-rules.

Ahmad’s leniage claims, the government is run by Americans, and therefore not for the benefit of Lebanon. Now, I cannot comment on this issue, but I feel all of us are rascals…

if we only admit it.


One Response to “A foreign party kills Ahmad Hamza Hamza, 21.”

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