Naturalization of Palestinians?


Words of War?Down with all politicians, especially Aoun – but this last raised an alarming bell in an interview this week.General Aoun has presented on Iranian Press TV, a document signed by Rafic Hariri in 2000, supporting the naturalization of Palestinians in Lebanon, as a choice to be taken in return for calling off Lebanon’s international debts.

If Aoun’s statement is true, and not fabricated as Hariri (Jr.) has accused Aoun of – This is very, very dangerous territory we are getting ourselves into. I would doubt that even Lebanese Sunnies would agree to such a naturalization of Palestinians. This would be a contract of agreed war.
Whom of the Lebanese would accept to naturalize Palestinians; the words even frighten the ears that hear it. This is unacceptable of Hariri (Sr. or Jr.), and therefore would not believe that such a deal of naturalizing the Palestinians in order to cancel Lebanon’s debt is even acceptable.
Aoun quickly responded to Hariri’s statement, saying he did not “fabricate” news about the document “which is from the archives of the Securite Generale.”
The Palestinian problem is not a Lebanese one. Lebanon has gone out of its way, to help and finally accept Palestinians to be guests on Lebanese soil since 1948, due to the mass emigration when Jews came into Palestine/Israel from all over the world.
While the Nahr el Bared fiasco has overstayed their welcome, the solution lies in the Palestinian/Israeli debate. As later discovered, Nahr el bared was mostly fought by non-Palestinian refugees.
400’000 Palestinians cannot stay in Lebanon. Lebanon can barely take care of itself. UNRWA tries its best to support them, but Lebanon cannot handle them much for long.
A Palestinian state with the return of refugees to Palestine is a must for Lebanon, and Lebanese. Australia, Canada and many nations who are in need of immigration should help Israel, in finding a way to host them, and naturalize them in hosting countries.
This is an Israeli problem; not a Lebanese problem.
This is a German and British problem; not a Lebanese problem.