Blast at Quarantina: U.S. Embassy Convoy targeted


LBCI has stated that three people have been killed in a blast that took place between Dora and Quarantina. A GMC truck belonging to the American Embassy (with no licence plate) has been the target of the assassination.If the March 14 reflex points the finger at Syria, this would be a great releif, that the Syrians and Americans are fighting their wars once more, on our land.

Update: It seems that one American has been hospitilized, but the car behind the American GMC has inflicted the killing of Lebanese civilians returning from work. 

This blog asks, will we finally have a thorough investigation on the killing, now that the target is an American, doesn’t the embassy have authority to follow an investigation? Many killings have gone through with No results, except accusations;

Lebanese have become indifferent to bombs; next day, go to work, fall in love, and go out on weekends… as usual.


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