lek’ Habpeh Neu Yiiirrrr 2008


Happy New Year 2008!!

Will we re-elect our MPs again in 2009? hah!New Year at theCourtFool

If I get enough support, I’ll try to push an Anti-Campaign to demean all our elected MPs for blocking what the people that elected them, really want.

Today, for the 12th time; the opposition and the majority have failed to agree on a plan to move forward for the nation and respect civil peace in which the people have been acting on extreemly well regardless of our politicians’ idiocies and foolish statements.

While beneath any disagreement, lies an agreement; our elected few have managed to feud more chaos and civil disturbance that in reality has no foundation in the streets of diversified Beyrouth (Beirut).

In these times more than always, Lebanese have been struck by the fact that their elected leaders are impotent, weak and cheap as their actions prove to be useless and tiresome to the public mass; barely people have been following the news anymore, and this will create a collective consciousness which bounds all Lebanese together.

Thanks to our politicians’ imprudent, ill-adivsed, ill-considered, fatuous, senselessness, and stubbornness, we – the people, feel united.


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