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Lebanon has reached a new low of pointing the finger at each others. While the rest of the Lebanese community stares at the remaning (few) followers of political inclinations battle it out on the streets with the incapacity to show intellectual respect; The Winograd report let PM Olmert of Israel off the hook in his […]

An unknown murderer, who’s been sweeping Lebanon since Feb 14, 2004; has struck again. I’d like to bundle all the killings and public murdering of a professional hit man (or group – no idea) will get in the way of Lebanese dividing and confronting the other. Reality is, the rascals are the minority people, and […]

While Lebanese protesters locally burn tires, and lash their frustration on the environment and civil disorder, Lebanese Expatriate, President of Renault-Nissan Carlos Ghosn shines once more. Find the interview with Carlos Ghosn at Davos 2008 on France24.

What should you beleive? ask the computer ?

Words of War?Down with all politicians, especially Aoun – but this last raised an alarming bell in an interview this week.General Aoun has presented on Iranian Press TV, a document signed by Rafic Hariri in 2000, supporting the naturalization of Palestinians in Lebanon, as a choice to be taken in return for calling off Lebanon’s international debts. […]

LBCI has stated that three people have been killed in a blast that took place between Dora and Quarantina. A GMC truck belonging to the American Embassy (with no licence plate) has been the target of the assassination.If the March 14 reflex points the finger at Syria, this would be a great releif, that the […]

Chapeau!   Makes you think, the culture we come from?