Merry Christmas to All!


Christmas at the InnerCirclePeople have been flooding in to Lebanon, in an apparent overmass of Lebanese from Canada, Dubai, France, Australia and throughout the world! 

Inbound flights are overbooked, as Lebanese are joyful to join their families for the festive season.

The New York Times has a descriptive article on Lebanese flowing in, if you haven’t noticed it on your own by now.

The Inner Circle would like to wish all its readers a peaceful, Merry merry Christmas!

8 Responses to “Merry Christmas to All!”

  1. Dear Bloggers,

    my name´s Christoph, I am a 24-year old Germany Student who has lived in Lebanon for some time and engaged in research in Lebanon. At the beginning of this year two colleagues and I went to Lebanon to do survey among 1500 lebanese at more than 20 faculties about political and religious values.

    For a class at university I am these days preparing a fictional Memorandum of Understanding between Hizbollah and Mustaqbal as the two most powerful actors of the opposing camps in order to overcome the current crisis in Lebanon. I´d be grateful for critics and remarks wether the approach is realistic, about the inaccuracies, main misconceptions etc.
    Before stating the fictional Memorandum I am going to list the main interests of the respective movement and the main accusations towards the other.

    You can forward this email to friends.

    Here´s the blog:
    Thank you for contributing!!! Best Wishes!


  2. best wishes :-)

  3. 3 frenchy

    joyeux noel

    see ya soon in leb hopefully

  4. 4 E.lie

    Merry Christmas , may we all have a peaceful and joyful year

  5. 5 Thilda M.

    Merry Christmas Fool :)

    I’ll be in Beirut for New Years!!! Yeppiiii

  6. 6 Rami Bathish

    Luk yen3aad 3leiki Ka Michelle!! heheh :)

    Meilleurs voeux pour un Noël plein de joies et une nouvelle année remplie de bonheur.

  7. 7 Michelle C.

    Ca y est, Noël est là ! L’occasion pour moi d’aller dans ma famille, près de Saint-Etienne et Montpellier. Et comme j’y vais en train, je vais pouvoir lire !

  8. yin3ad 3leikk!!

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