Khalass!: Open Letter


To the al-Hajj family

Khalass! (and The Lebanese Inner Circle) mourns the loss of your son, husband, father, brother.

To the Lebanese Army

Khalass! mourns the loss of a valorous leader.

To Lebanon’s politicians

Khalass! mourns your dereliction of duty and failure to lead the people of Lebanon. Each moment that passes without a peaceful solution to the crisis, we hold you responsible for pointless bloodshed. We need united leaders who are capable of ending the deadlock, reactivating state institutions, and to regaining people’s trust. Our security is breached and violated daily with no one for us to hold responsible. You have failed us.

To the Lebanese People

Khalass! mourns your apathy and abdication. Khalass! We must not accept the abominable failures of our so-called leaders or their transparent attempts to divide us.

We, the Lebanese people, are the real leaders of this country – the small shop owner, investor, teacher, college student, lawyer, doctor, journalist, industrialist, farmer, civil society activist, father, mother, and child. We bear the responsibility for change and the creation of a brighter tomorrow. The political void we are living is our wake-up call.

It is high time for civil society in all its dynamic components to take action.

It is high time for labor unions, federations, economic associations, non-governmental organizations, and every Lebanese citizen who believes in this country to unite in a collective cry … Khalass!

It is high time for us to embark on a new constructive phase in the country joining together in a common struggle that expresses the same unity you exhibited with your sorrow just days ago.


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