Opposites discuss: the public is at ease


We have a candidate who’s name is being unfenced. Chief General Michel Sleiman’s curriculum vitae is quite impressive.

In his period as Chief General he witnessed the expansion and retreat of the Syrian troops in Lebanon after a period of 25 years of occupation in April, 2005.

In 2006, he held the Lebanese army to advance to the borders with Israel, to the south, giving him for the first time, military command of the borders of Lebanon we know of today.

Speaking of which, Syria and Israel still have their knots with Lebanon over its borders.

Many seek to Hezbollah’s advantage in this game. Others see that, as Hezbollah’s raison d’être.

When it comes to urban warfare, General Michel Sleiman proved par excellence how to tame the so-called Fatah al-Islam. Nahr el Bared was a, once in very rare ‘war on terror’ that, actually got resolved. Iraq’s civil war has its people biting their nails and toes, in a tough rebirth for Iraq’s bloody scenario to be atoned.

Locally, the ministre des Affaires étrangères et européennes Bernard Kouchner, noted to the press,

Il y a toujours un petit risque d’échec mais j’ai le sentiment du devoir accompli.


2 Responses to “Opposites discuss: the public is at ease”

  1. I would like to see a continuation of the topic

  2. Lets not blow sunshine up our collective asses regarding Sully.

    Key word here is witnessed.

    As for urban warfare, not sure how much influence he had there on the ground. Our boys on the field did most of the cleaning, he only made sure they could cross the line.

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