Gemayel proposes an Opening


Gemayel proposed: “I plead with Speaker Berri to issue an immediate call to the parties of national dialogue to meet as soon as possible and resume discussion from where it stopped prior to the July (2006) war, which is the defense strategy.” – Naharnet’s loud headlines

Excellent Gemayel. Smile, and the world smiles back at you!

Major issue that has been blocking the deadlocks in Lebanon since the July war with Israel has norrowed down to an internal struggle between the Government, and the Opposition to disarm Hezbollah, because it is a nuissance to Israel.

All the while, having very good intentions in protecting the people, would rather disarm Hezbollah instead of following the UN resolution’s 1559 wording, and disarm those of the Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon first.

I think disarming the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon is by far a more progressive and advantageous move than disarming Hezbollah first?

Gemayel Nov2607I don’t know… as a Christian I haven’t been dragged by either clowns, from G. Aoun or Dr. Geagea (though I respect the FPM’s movements intellectuals and the LF’s social activism). The Kataeb, regardless of its size, assume had a plan for a while. I am not sure of it’s long term intentions though. As for the Christian Leaders themselves – as in not their movements – Gemayel had the most charisma, and prudent attitude.

I would hope this subject of arms in Lebanon stay a Lebanese decision, and the process be an international one.


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