Syria to attend Annapolis Conference


Syria’s attendance of the Annapolis Conference comes as a big blow to Iran and Hezbollah who are trying to boycott the conference.Maybe they’d like to snif around and test the waters before plunging into any concrete deal with the Israelis.

Syria initially stated it would not attend the Annapolis Conference, unless the subject concerning the Golan Heights is on the table.

All the while, in Lebanon, the highest seat in the republic is still vacant. The Christian as well as the Shiite community is enraged, as they see that the current government has very minimal Shiite, and Christian representation. While the Sunni community is still at odds in hoping for a presidential vote; All the Lebanese people (in Lebanon and scattered around the globe) are eager to see a capable, respectable, and authorative president soon, in the hope of solving the current deadlocks in Lebanon’s dossiers… come to think of it, they all claim there is One dossier that seems to be the major deadlock.


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