Lebanon’s crime of the decade: The Christian Decline


In passing, I urge all Lebanese citizens, from all sects, who are in desperate need and rightfully deserve a solution to the problems between the government, and the opposition;

Today’s session cancellation (postponement) is unconstitutional and a crime to the nation.

Who benefits from a status-quo?

Who cares for Annapolis?

Talk is cheap, and so are our politicians.

Introducing a new player, would make the outlook a tripolar dimension, giving authoritative power to the third party, to agree and settle on an abstract Sunni-Shiite decision making process concerning an arms affairs involving Israel and Syria. By giving each of these polars a lenient buffer open-mindedness to agree on some dossiers than others. Today our bipolar power-shared ideologies, are in flat contradiction. One by the opposition and the other by the government.

Matters can get serious, at a worst case scenario, rather than being sincere.

Lebanon is at a historic and delicate moment in its history.

The session has been postponed till Friday next week.