Lebanese Parliament ought to be held: Robert Ghanem or Michel Edde


Not electing a president today is unlawful, unjust and unfair. we’ve been dragged and exhausted.

Robert Ghanem, Michel Edde, Lebanese Presidential Elections, 2007

Kalam el Nas’ insightful and amusing political show last night as discussion kept on brewing, leaked two names, out of 5 from the Original 7 then , down to 2 by removing each camps candidate, Michel Aoun from the opposition (in a courageous and courteous move) and the march 14 to remove their preferred candidates Nassib Lahoud and Boutros Harb, which both are highly respectable. Down to two names to be announced before the deadline set by Aoun, 2 hours before Lahoud steps out of office.

The two names are down to: Michel Edde and Robert Ghanem. The first, an intellectual character with long experience on record to Ghanem’s younger outlook but calmer tone.

I find, any decision from any MP not to go to Parliament today to elect our right-given representation, would be unconstitutional and unlawful by their part.

n.b. In the wake of a president not being elected by midnight tonight, the presidencies authority goes to the hands of the Prime Minister. Lahoud, may hand over that privilege to M. Sleiman.