Michel – Edde, Aoun, Khoury, or Sleiman?


Discussions between the Opposition and the Government is still going strong. This Michel Edde - Lebanese Presidential Electionsobserver feels ongoing collaboration will truly be very helpful on the long term, regardless of the final decision on a candidate’s name this Friday.

With the last crucial two days ahead in the hope that it would probably conclude a two year struggle in Lebanon, and settle for ‘normal’ progress.It should be mentioned that French President Sarkozy, has contacted Syrian President Bashar Asaad, Leader of the future movement, Saad Hariri and General Michel Aoun in the past 24 hours; in which, these last two are in a meeting, as I write this blog.

All eyes are once more on this tiny nation in the middle east.

To date, every super power in the world, is intimately involved in the current Lebanese elections, with the exception of China, and yet… .

A country termed by most leaders, as simply ‘complicated‘.

Simply put (?), In Lebanon the debate consists of two main parties, opposed (where one wouldn’t know what they were arguing about, if it weren’t for the other), and each of them with their foreign advocates. Apparently, the foreign nations supporting local Lebanese, are in a feud themselves.

Nations, such as Iran and the United States, are in a face to face defiance via Lebanese proxies; where Lebanon would be a toehold in the Levantine for these foreign, feuding governments, in a Lebanon, with a very particular identity.

Among the names surfacing in the media, Michel Edde seems to have a good chance at the presidency. A well spoken, educated, eighty year old, PDG of L’Orient-Le Jour, Lebanon’s French daily newspaper, has the privilege of having very close inclinations to Mar Nasrallah Boutros Sfeir, the supreme leader of the Maronite (Catholic) Christians in the Middle East.
In world affairs, Syria seems to be joining the Annapolis meeting which will host the International conference for peace in the U.S., next week Tuesday.

It is widely beleived that Lebanon will not have a peace agreement with Israel (regardless of its willingness), without having Syria signed such a peace deal – first.


4 Responses to “Michel – Edde, Aoun, Khoury, or Sleiman?”

  1. Okay then, I will start the GVO weblog on the elections from here, with your optimistic post :-)

  2. I will tell you who will win. I know this sounds weird, but my prediction is ‘Aoun. ‘Aoun isn’t giving up and he’s been trying, like the shrewd politician he is, to get this job for two years – and maybe for decades. They will eventually fix up a deal where Hariri is the PM and ‘Aoun is the President. Thats because Hezbollah doesn’t really want political power, they just don’t want the army to touch them – thats all, and the President’s only real powers if you read the constitution are to help get a PM installed and to head the army.

    Edde is ruled out after today, thats because he apparently made a secret trip to Syria two days ago. Also Edde is not really “Presidential material.” Sleiman is a long-shot, they won’t amend the constitution for him.

    Khoury is another possible choice. I say he is 2nd in line if ‘Aoun doesn’t get it – but he didn’t try this hard for nothing, and he will use every chip on the bargaining table to try to pressure his way in. Good blogging!

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