The Lebanese presidency, through a kaleidoscope


its about time.

This is the first time the inner circle posts on the presidential elections. Due to reservations I hold, my first initial opening would be a public appeal for every citizen, Lebanese, throughout the world, stand for a minute of silence, to spread his reflection on himself as a unit in society, and yet so valuable among your surroundings, and to be able to stand up, and contemplate a Lebanon we all want to live in, a Lebanon which had to be heard out of the mouth of the French Government. (via B. Kouchner)

What a shame. Down with all political parties in Lebanon.

A party to represent cannot be found in [our] government. and certainly not abroad.

As for the United States, I’ll keep my reservations, though I personally, do not put the two (US & France) in the same line of school of thoughts when it concerns, specifically Lebanon, (26:10).

As you may know, the presidential seat in Lebanon is up for grabs, in a region where every super power in the world is personally involved, except for China, and yet even then, I’d raise an eye brow.

The Economist described the situation a while back as as well as, the Ministre d’Affair Etrangers Mr. Bernard Kouchner has confirmed it today, would suffice me to make my point. it’s complicated.

They should make a shirt titled that with the faces of our elected MPs for next election time with it comes around.

n.b. On a personal note, I strongly encourage Sheikh Saad el-Hariri if he reads this blog (hah!), to catch up on his academic French schooling, if he did any. I strongly encourage him to check the arte.Radio link on my sidebar. A fun way to catch back your french.