You’re interfering… No. You Are!


Hafez Assaad Bush GeorgeAfter a publicly open back and forth discussion between the U.S. of A. and Syria, each, blaming the other for interfering in the Lebanese presidential elections; I see no room for me to take sides.

In fact I feel the US and Syria are both interfering in Lebanese affairs.

Regardless of whom has the upper hand, or who truly wants to ‘save‘ Lebanon from international disputes. Spanning from Iraq, Syria and Palestine considered hotbeds for civil strife and on the back-end major players such as Iran, Israel and the U.S..

On the other hand, France, a world super power, has, I feel, genuine friendship with the Lebanese people, as it always had (historically since the Byzantine era); and such friendship can not be bought or meddled with.

Saudi Arabia to an extent, also hold such privileges with Lebanon since the 1950s.

Lebanon will not be bought with arms. Neither from Iran, nor from the US; For the simple reason that… fueling the Lebanese with arms and ammuniation will only end up being used… on each other. While the U.S. and the Islamic republic of Iran will head back to their internal affairs and watch us, perhaps with a guilty conscious, massacre ourselves.

In the 1980’s the Pope Jean Paul II, called it ‘Genocide’.

This reminds me of the enlightened sage, M.K. Ghandi who once said,

for this cause, I too, am prepared to die.

but there is no cause for which I am prepared to kill.