It all starts with You.


The title includes, me.

I feel, our main problems facing us today in our technologically advanced and abstract world; is that we have the tendency to symbolize what we mean and term, by words, units and patterns that have ‘become’ realistic, and therefore confuse reality with abstractions. Our realistic view that we tend to confuse, gets lost.

Lebanese, as a society, can easily accept to root for an all out vote on a president; what is it that stops us?

my foe would have an advantage over me?

who is my foe?

and what is it that makes him/her my foe?

.. and if we ponder on this deeply enough, we can easily get rid of the fact, that politics and politicians really do not affect our social life. that is to say… when I’m on the street. I never think I’d have to search for people wearing white shirts, as in being in “my” group of people, and like me; thinking that they‘ll take care of me. more so…we truly believe politicians can take care of us? why such a fallacy? When did any of the retched few we see on TV ever come across you, or your life or your private life; the part which is what most civilized people ought to think about on a day to day occurrence.

Do you see where this is heading?

Why have ‘politicians’, who are very much able to ignite a strife (or so they claim); And all of ‘them’ all having very good intentions; speak on our behalf, and still hold that tragic display that this is going to hurt me (le politicien lui meme) more than you (le public), and hence takes authority to make such a claim that…

yeah, we might “have to” reach to civil strife to resolve this… there is just no other way out.

Hah… I mock you! You, the end user. and not only the “leader”s on TV who speaks on your behalf. but no, the change must start in Me, You and every other unit, by doing their part, and no one else’s.You… the chap with the gun; the traffic spitter, the daily honker, the publicly pissed off driver. You make Lebanon what most expatriates fear, and the change must start with me, every me.