Hezbollah makes a stand


Against all odds. Without any notice, Hezbollah conducted maneuvers under the watchful eyes of the Lebanese National Army, and the FINUL (UNIFIL).

Naharnet stated a worrisome add-on to the average newspapers description of the headline. They have stated that the UN would think of leaving Lebanon in the next 4 months.

have you heard another that has been going around for while now?

Hariri, is to take over the head of parliament for a temporary government of 6 months. Why replace Prime Minister Seniora with Saad Hariri, a young and yet to learn plenty candidate, when they are fundamentally in the one and same camp. Lebanon’s most popular political show, Marcel Ghanem’s Kalem el Nass has hinted on the story as well.

And why postpone for 6 Months?

Hassan NasrallahOh America… Would you get rid of Bush’s term and policy towards the Middle East yet? We will not be a part of the Bush’s conduct-ing in the Middle East that is on the verge of expiring, all the while withholding and supporting governments of their time. I do not reject America, nor American support, on the contrary; but, not in George W. Bush’s era concerning “the middle east as a whole”, dripping as time sound bell, Bush sees his term and his fellow governments, accomplices in international human rights violations in the most brute fashion. Despite all, I have high hopes, as I did 4 years ago, and the ones before. America’s president affects today the average Iraqi Joe than the average American citizen. Lets hope of a promising and fair new president who anticipates change.

Only suckers are the ones that open forth the future, seeking an invitation to a con game. I hope I’m not one of them, again!