Paris reminds Aoun and Hariri of their Lebanese patriotism


Good news for Lebanon have been coming out of Paris recently. Aoun and Hariri have met three times in the past 72 hours. Syria seems to be the one least having a voice in Lebanese affairs, truly depicting that Lebanon is finally choosing its fate on its own terms, without U.S. nor Syrian interference, at least the Lebanese people hope so. This observer feels, that Lebanon will soon be seeing a Syrian decline in Lebanese affairs and influence.

This does ‘not’ mean a mistreat to Hezbollah.

I strongly doubt that Hezbollah will be very much affected by the Lebanese presidency, as all “Lebanese” parties have agreed to settle the Hezbollah weapons dispute only by the Lebanese officials, with the exception of Jumblat and S. Geagea (not his representative party, the LF). I feel that ‘will’ change, Lebanon’s status vis-a-vis Syria, especially concerning the border, will be much talked about.


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