Help Lebanon, by saving Israel

Daily Star Editorial

A senior Pentagon official kicked up a storm of suspicion in Lebanon when he told LBC television that the US military wants to build a “strategic partnership” with Lebanon’s army. Eric Edelman, the US undersecretary of defense for policy, rightly pointed out that a stronger Lebanese Army would reduce the need for resistance groups to keep weapons to defend themselves. But citizens of Lebanon are understandably wary of US offers of military assistance, especially since so much of it is coming at the 11th hour, long after Lebanese soldiers’ blood has been spilled by both Israelis in the South and Islamist militants in the North.
A better way – and indeed the most cost-effective way – that the Americans could support Lebanon would be to for them to pressure their Israeli allies into doing the one thing that they have for decades refused to do: respect international law. Continue reading


3 Responses to “Help Lebanon, by saving Israel”

  1. 1 Mafish Falastin

    You stay on your side of the border. That’s peace and international law.

    You cross the border or allow terrorists to cross the border into our land, or allow them to shoot across the border, etc., and that’s war and no international law.

    If there’s peace, sabbabbah.

    If there’s war and no international law, you’re going to pay dearly like you did 1 1/2 years ago. I was up north recently and saw that there’s stil rubble everywhere. I know there’s still no running water and electricity 24/7.


  2. 2 Marcel

    Al-Baker, Its not Jester’s article. It’s Rami Khoury’s (Daily Star Editor) who wrote it.

    Though, I find his ideas interesting, I wonder how really any of these are achievable? Not during the current American Government, and not the next either (all friends of AIPAC). It’ll take longer for America to realize that Israel’s safety starts by truly safeguarding it’s enemies from her.

  3. 3 Al-baker

    You have guts to publish this. unconventional :)

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