After you… No, After you!


G.M. Aoun and S. Franjieh were among the first to head the delegation to Bkerke for talks about the Lebanese presidency, after rumours that the meeting would be postponed. The March 14 Christians, have refused to set the meeting in accordance with the FPM and Franjieh’s clump of Marada. They will meet with the Head of the Maronite Church for the Levant, tomorrow.

It has been widely known that the ‘Bkerke meetings’ were one of the most crutial talks concerning the presidency, as local, regional and international speculators draw their attention towards this monastery which will have the strongest vote on choosing the next Lebanese President.

Butors Harb, one of March 14’s president nominee, said today that he welcomed international support, but not international interference.

Sheikh Saad al-Hariri met with French president Nicolas Sarkozy, a historic caretaker of Lebanon, came as a relief from the historic intentions the US has towards Lebanon, in which Sheikh Saad met with president Georges W. Bush last week, who’s term is expiring soon.

This meeting will help reviewing the Lebanese situation, especially the presidential elections,” said a statement by the Elysee.

Even though this blogger harshly rejects international interference in the Lebanese presidency; coming from France though, I would be patient and “courtois“. Biast? no, but curious.


2 Responses to “After you… No, After you!”

  1. Is this gonna Kill You? No i Dont Think so !

  2. I posted a comment it…

    …but it never showed up!

    I tried to post it again and it said I was double posting…


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