A Lebanese President for you, and me.


October 5, 2007 (unedited)
Long post… worth the read.

After various deep searching, this blogger has gathered that the United States of America had indeed interfered in Lebanese Presidential elections, due to the fact that the official declaration by the March 14 political movement, associates to the current American government, was that the Syrian Regime had interfered itself in the elections, and also for updates concerning the tribunal was adjourned. Well, that was their official excuse.

If the United States of America wanted to talk to a concerned Lebanon, and its strategic position in the Middle East, and its future, why would he meet with Saad el-Hariri concerning the presidential seat of Lebanon?

Is there any Christian Lebanese, candidate as a president, not to be able, to take on a meeting, with a foreign country, concerning his own fate?

Not to be a sectarian fanatic, I wouldn’t mind any Lebanese going to the United States for support, just like Lebanon would get support from Saudi Arabia, France, Iran, and many more… If it had Lebanese ideals. Successful countries (relative) in the world, cooperate and deal with each other, this is very normal, and there is a lot to be said for that.

… I also wouldn’t mind either, having a strong Lebanese president to be able to rule a country internally and internationally, able to speak for himself. Now, this is also involved with the Hariri Tribunal as it is a personal matter with the son slained of F.P.M Rafik Hariri and this blogger openly understands it.

I am simply suggesting, that there ought to be a relationship between the current Government of the United States to at least have to have a connection with the unfortunate* Christian to whom he assumes support?

If personal deals, or the sort, were being done under the table with the selected few, then I wouldn’t agree as a Lebanese citizen which assumes No Power, to have the United States help elect a president which is not good for me, or at a reasonably lower extend, not elected by my representatives…

Any Politicians from either Christian, Sunni, Shiite, or Druze must have at the least some representable power among his/her community finally.

and the Christian Church feels that its relation to the Unites States of America is through Saad al-Hariri, at least not like once at the end of 1983.

One can also ask, why the States so eagerly involved in this tribunal? I will not get into that. Iraq has its own problems. And… this blogger truly would like to see some justice be done, and is satisfied by the international communities response and care to this matter. And Sheikh Saad is the right person to take on such task with such an intimate and personal involvement to the case. Definitely understand, as I would have done the same in his case.

The reason for my post today was not to skitter about regional and international affairs, it is to put you in the context of the picture below, non-commented.

The photo (taken by Dennis Brack-Pool)

The photo above depicts the room behind the scenes at that meeting, which I usually call the green room, if you attend my blog.

From left to right…Chief of Protocol Nancy Brinker, U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney, Elliott Abrams, Deputy Assistant to the President and Deputy National Security Advisor for Global Democratic Strategy, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Stephen Hadley, Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs.

Surprisingly Elliott Abrams was overlooking the meeting. Click here for photo source.

and here for Elliott Abrams extended title, not published by getty images.

I ask… if Elliott Abrams intention was strictly for the Tribunal, involving Syria, this blogger has no comment. and repeat would like to see Justice done; but this blogger would harshly and openly criticize any foreign interference in Lebanese presidential elections.

Since the meeting of Saad Hariri was strictly concerning the Tribunal involving Syria, since, I do not leave out the possibility of really Syria being involved in the Hariri Assassination as well as of Gebran Tueni, Pierre Gemayel and many others.

The March 14 ‘movement’ has chosen two candidates on the stage. Boutros Harb and Nassib Lahoud, both equally proficient, and on the ‘March 8’ side, secretary general Aoun seems to be the most outspoken critic… and I, personally feel the Maronite Higher Council, would deep down prefer someone from the Tayyar el Watani el Hurr (FPM), but can’t; because the March 14 movement has too much support with accountable promises for the country and therefore the Maronite Church feels it is in a very judgmental situation, with power to decide.

On a positive note, in which I will leave you off… a meeting at the headquarters of the World Bank in Washington, MP Saad Hariri asked its president, Robert Zoellick, for financial assistance to aid the areas of Lebanon damaged by the recent fires. Hariri requested that the World Bank assist the areas of the North and Mount Lebanon, particularly Chouf and Kaserwan, given the large amount of environmental damage that has occurred there in the past few days.

Hariri noted that Zoellick was highly responsive and eager to help, and that an environmental team from the bank will be sent to Lebanon immediately, with some of them arriving today.

Lets just finish enough with all this Politics ‘right after the elections’ and get back to where we left off on February 14, 2005; but this time, without the Syrian occupation and influence, and settle our arms with the south’s top priority problem politically, which has a respectable outcome for Lebanon, and the flourishment of Lebanon. Not for Others, but Essentially and Strictly for Ourselves. Khalas! We need to put pressure on ALL Lebanese politicians to end the deadlock.

Back then, the days of 2004 and 2005, our problem was, why they did a ‘kabseh’ in Monot happened or how come they haven’t finished installing the cables; and today, we are too involved, and hope for our lives. I tell any reader, We truly Love life! Hence the abused campaign that have been reduced to a noise. Try repeating any word, it’ll end up being sound.

17 days to go.. .

* your interpretation.

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  1. Hi there,

    Je viens de tomber sur ce blog par hasard. J’aime bien le style d’ecriture, ca sonne comme une severe tempete cervicale :)

    Je reveiendrai.


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