Maronite Archbishops accuse the Opposition for the Captivity of Centre-Ville


The FPM’s Christians have taken siege of the newly constructed Centre-Ville along with the Opposition headed by Hezbollah. All, in the name of democracy. While both camps from either March 14 or March 8 and the FPM are accusing each other with very good intentions, somehow the country’s citizens are fed up and would love to have this crisis resolved, regardless of who’s party has the upper hand, just as long as life goes back to normal.

The Maronite Archbishops bluntly put it: “time has come for Beirut’s city center and its environs to be “liberated”, stressing that renewed prosperity of the sector would be an “appreciated national move.

So, the Archbishops excellent timing for their outcry, comes at a time when to elect a new president which is the highest Maronite seat in the government is ripe by saying:”More important is holding presidential elections within the constitutional schedule (to the Opposition) and in line with the constitution to avoid political vacuum (specifically to PM Seniora) and the serious chaos that would follow“.

Let us not forget, we all liberated Lebanon from the Syrian regime in 2005, to have a better life than 2004 which was by far better than how we live today.

UPDATE: Hezbollah has replied to the Bishops request by stating: “…nothing requires calling off the sit-in in downtown Beirut. Consensus hasn’t been achieved to remove the tents.” – Mahmoud Qmati said to reporters.


2 Responses to “Maronite Archbishops accuse the Opposition for the Captivity of Centre-Ville”

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  2. 2 karam

    Your lead story is lie and a juvenile attempt to mislead (The Maronite Archbishops took today) and you know it. I believe that someone at naharnet pointed out your deception and that the Maronite Archbishops ‘Islamization’ accusations dates back to July.
    see Comment#21

    naharnet was honest enough to quickly remove the article but you did not. The Maronite Archbishops statement yesterday was very damning to the opposition and very clear -liberate downtown and hold the elections on time no matter what.

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