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Now, there is a leader with a hip attitude towards a friendly country. Visiting ministers of Foreign Affairs, France’s Bernard Kouchner, Italy’s Massimo D’Alema and Spain’s Miguel Angel Moratinos seems to having a blast (metaphorically) in Lebanon, and no could be any happier, than the Lebanese people. A sense of love of life, was demonstrated […]

In these tense Lebanese moments, a refreshing outlook for Lebanon’s image abroad might still have a chance. Oscar organizers confirmed yesterday the 63 entries in the Best Foreign Language Film category for next year’s 80th annual Academy Awards.

Daily Star Editorial A senior Pentagon official kicked up a storm of suspicion in Lebanon when he told LBC television that the US military wants to build a “strategic partnership” with Lebanon’s army. Eric Edelman, the US undersecretary of defense for policy, rightly pointed out that a stronger Lebanese Army would reduce the need for […]

KHALASS! Petition Signing Action this Saturday in Greater BeirutDemanding an End to the Political Deadlock KHALASS! will continue its efforts to raise public awareness on the civil role for ending the political crisis and spread the word to demand for dialogue. Join KHALASS! volunteers in collecting petitions from all over Beirut by bus and on […]

The old saying beneath any disagreement, needs to have a basis of ‘agreeing‘ to disagree. Once more this quote has been proven in the past few days, and wonders on the strange, but not scarce phenomenon between Hezbollah and the State of Israel. We don’t deal with terrorists” – claimed each side of the border. […]

It is elementary knowledge to realize, that our sole distinction as a people living in Lebanon, characterized by labels of sects, and canned like virtual boxes to make us really believe we are finally and socially, Not One. For those who are new to the Lebanese innercircle, Lebanon is a country situated in the middle […]

G.M. Aoun and S. Franjieh were among the first to head the delegation to Bkerke for talks about the Lebanese presidency, after rumours that the meeting would be postponed. The March 14 Christians, have refused to set the meeting in accordance with the FPM and Franjieh’s clump of Marada. They will meet with the Head […]