Syrian MiG goes down near Israel


Israel scrambled its air force after spotting a Syrian warplane approaching the Golan Heights.

A Syrian jet, believed to be a MiG-21, was tracked by Israeli radar Saturday as it flew toward the Golan and suddenly disappeared.

Suspecting a possible covert attack, Israel dispatched two warplanes to the Golan, but they were recalled after no Syrian hostilities transpired. Israeli sources said the MiG may have crash-landed within Syrian territory.

Israel has been on high alert for any Syrian retaliation for its alleged Sept. 6 sortie against a strategic military site in northern Syria.

Detailed Story at the World Tribune & Guardian Unlimited.

One Response to “Syrian MiG goes down near Israel”

  1. 1 M. E.

    If they want to go out and have a fight over the Golan land, they should do so on their behalf. But whatever they do, Leave Lebanon Alone. I’ll never forget the Israelis and Syrians having a air fight show over Lebanon.

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