Whats the story of Fatah al Islam


Lebanese Parliament The Lebanese parliament was held today for the first time in ten months. At the top of discussions, before the heated debate of the Presidency, was to get an official statement from the parliament on what has really happened to the Lebanese National Army and Fatah al Islam in northern Lebanon in May of 2007. The Minister of Information held a press conference right after the meeting. The Parliament has obtained from the Lebanese Intelligence Service a recording which testifies and answers many questions. You can watch the video conference here.

Who Were They?
Who financed them?
What did they exactly want?
Why through violence and stubbornness?
How come inside a Palestinian Refugee Camp?

Fatah al-Islam, (Arabic: فتح الإسلام, English: Conquest of Islam) is a Radical Islamist group that first formed in November 2006. It became very well known in May 2007 and June 2007 after engaging in combat against the Lebanese Army in the Nahr al-Bared UNRWA Palestinian refugee camp.

The video was provided by Y from the Lebanese Forces Front Blog – Thanks.


3 Responses to “Whats the story of Fatah al Islam”

  1. Thanks for sharing yօur thoughts abojt look yoսnger.

  2. 2 M. E.

    Mrs Crocker,

    You are confusing Fatah al Islam with the Palestinians Refugees. Palestinian refugees have openly critisized Fatah al Islam.

  3. 3 Betty Crocker

    Fatah Al Islam is a terrorist organization, neither will any Lebanese agree on giving them Lebanese status. Not today, nor in 20 years. They should be transferred to a country which is able to support them, as long as their are in Lebanon they are succumb to very poor conditions, by the simple fact that Lebanon cannot support other peoples into its small country.

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