Lebanon: The aftermath of chaos & the foremath of a solution


Lebanon ParliamentHezbollah condemned the killing of Antoine Ghanem.

Nabih Berri, speaker of parliament, is set to meet Maronite Cardinal Nasrallah Sfeir this Friday.

With the narrow days ahead, the Lebanese Inner Circle doubts very much there will be elections to replace Antoine Ghanem before the presidential ‘debate’. So the current situation is laid out as the following;

An Opposition’s view would be that “every time the March 14 ‘movement’ has a critical time to act in response to a March 8 reconciliation, an attempt on a March 14 MP is targeted”. I would have to agree with that view, theoretically, every instance except for martyred Rafik Hariri, this has been the case, unfortunately. Here, one would ask, how would the Opposition benefit from such an attempt?

One answer would be…

A pro-governments view, which is well articulated on the mass media, is that the ‘Majority’ currently has only 68 members out of 128. If the Patriarch’s demand, and so of the Opposition is to have a two third quorum ‘present’ on electing a president is fulfilled, it has become harder today, after the assassination of MP Antoine Ghanem. And so, the question would be asked, should the Maronite Patriarchs’ demand be overlooked in this case?

Update: The inner circle has learned that the March 14 movement would consent to an agreed president with the opposition, except for MP Walid Jumblat.

Update 2: The official position of the March 14 and the Free Patriotic Movement has come down to a common denominator. They have both officially pointed the finger at Syria as the ‘primary suspect’. This was released by Alain Aoun from the Free Patriotic movement. However, the debate over the presidency is still pending.


4 Responses to “Lebanon: The aftermath of chaos & the foremath of a solution”

    To Lahhoud, Berri, Nesrallah, Aoun, Franjieyeh, Michu-Murr, and their Team Captains:
    Kill him – or look on with one eye, and look the other way with the other eye; or know it but don’t tell – then be the first to offer condolences, and then later, walk at the head of his funeral procession.
    I did not accuse anyone!
    However, and but! I know (and respect) those involved – all the leaders and politicians and their lieutenants and henchmen in and around the whole political scenarios – too well not to know………
    There are those that know and understand exactly WHAT and WHO I mean. As for those that do not; well, let us leave it for the right time and the right place.
    Not all of us are so gullible, naive, ignorant, and obtuse as they would simply love to think and believe. BY GOD!

  2. 2 CedarLounge

    We have reached a point where there is two pathways, either civil war or move ahead! thats all the choices I see in front of us.

    The Killers want to have a war in Lebanon, therefore it is Not Lebanese. We should swim against the current that has been set for us.

  3. would say Joumblatt and Geagea didnt agree

    but now everyone is not agreeing … (sight) they are all afraid for their lifes instead of being afraid for their people

  4. 4 Salim M.

    I finds it harder for the pro-government to strip the highest post in Lebanon’s government from its influences in parliament, for the advantage of the Prime Minister; but they will try to do so. Just like they did in the elections of Metn and Beirut where the president has the right of not electing an MP without the Lebanese presidents’ consent.

    Unfortunately, the Emile Lahoud is a particular case, since the extension of his term was illegitimate in the first place.

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